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Experienced affiliate on a new adventure

Charlesworth Affiliate Services Ltd specialises in affiliate marketing for a wide range of companies across the globe. A brief rundown of our history:

2007 Beth Charlesworth, a Cambridge graduate (MA in Modern and Medieval Languages, specifically French and Russian) joins a small affiliate marketing company.  

2008 After winning new business for the company by outperforming merchants' in-house teams, Beth is one of the first employees on the team that spearheads the company's transformation into a full service agency.

2011 The agency reassign Beth to run the remaining affiliate activity, a project they predict will last 6 months maximum. Beth doubles the profits for this area in her first month and Forward3D's involvement in this space actually continues for 6 years.

2017 Although their affiliate marketing activity is still profitable, the agency decide for strategic reasons to pull out of it. Beth therefore decides to run affiliate campaigns for herself and founds Charlesworth Affiliate Services Ltd for this purpose.

2020 Beth becomes a full-time affiliate.  


  • 13 years' experience in affiliate marketing
  • Multilingual expertise (native English; formal qualifications in French and Russian; informal lessons in German; picked up Spanish, Italian and Dutch along the way due to keen interest in etymology)
  • Search engine marketing specialist
  • Ideal for merchants who don't want to pay agency fees and/or who experience strong seasonality with their products.